PETOL™ Pump Benches

Pump benches.

Note: Drip Pans for ALL Pump Benches must be ordered separately.

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PETOL™ Pump Benches
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ZB2460 Pump Bench - 32" High 261 lbs.
ZB2460-58-24 Bench Drip Pan - 8"D x 24"L 18-3/8 lbs.
ZI2460 Bench Installation Kit 1 lb.
ZNB12 Bench Back-up Bar - 12" L 4-5/8 lbs.
ZB1260 Pump Bench - 32" High 172 lbs.
ZB1260-56-30 Bench Drip Pan - 6"D x 30"L 15-1/8 lbs.
ZI1260-7 Bench Installation Kit 1 lb.
ZB1260-10 Barhook Rack - w/14 hooks - 48"L 8 lbs.
ZB1260-16 Barrelrack - Steel 11 lbs.
ZB1219 Pump Bench - 32" High 115 lbs.
ZE1218-54-30 Bench Drip Pan - 4"D x 30"L 13 lbs.
ZI1219 Bench Installation Kit 13 ozs.
ZE1218 Pump Bench Extension Stand - 32" High 107 lbs.
ZE1218-BTC Pump Bench Extension Stand w/Base Tread Clamp 117 lbs.
ZE1218-1 Extension Stand Roller Assembly 14-1/4 lbs.
ZE1218-1H Extension Stand Roller Assembly - Heavy Duty 17 lbs.
ZE1218-54-30 Extension Stand Drip Pan - 4"D x 30"L 13 lbs.
ZI1218 Extension Stand Installation Kit 1-1/4 lbs.
ZE1218-8 Extension Stand Base Plate 164 lbs.