PETOL™ Tong Jack

Portable Tong Jack.

The PETOL™ TONG JACK is a portable, pneumatic powered unit designed for use on threaded material having multiple make-up or break-out points. In addition, the use of “cheaters” or overhead hoists is eliminated when working connections that cannot be made up or broken out by hand.

The unit is suitable for use with a variety of PETOL Tongs to meet specific torque, diameter, and gripping width requirements and is capable of producing up to 3,500 lbs. of force. The Tong Jack includes a gauge that reads out in PSI and a chart to convert to pounds of force. The torque being applied depends on the torque arm length of the tong being used.

Selected tongs are held in place with a quick release pin making change out easy. Linkage and release pins are adaptable for both clevis and loop-style handles.

The TJA35 is designed to lift the tong handle 23 to 39 inches (approx.) above the floor. For workpiece connections at a greater height, the TJA35T is capable of lifting the tong handle 35 to 51 inches (approx.) above the floor.

Highly Portable Portable Tong Jack.
Tong Jack with PETOL™ SlimGrip Tong Tong Jack with Slim Grip Tong.
Tong Jack conversion chart.
Unit includes a gauge with PSI readout and a chart to convert to pounds of force
Tong Jack release pins and linkage.
Easy to use quick release pins and linkage hold tongs in place
Tong Jack with clevis connection.
Connected to Clevis-style handle
Tong Jack with loop connection.
Connected to Loop-style handle
Enter a value into any field and click “Convert”
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This same configuration can be used for all tongs.

TORQUE (ft.-lbs.) = FORCE (lbs.) x LENGTH (in.) /12

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Torque illustration
PETOL™ Tong Jack
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TJA35 20.85" x 45.70" 260 lbs.
TJA35T 20.85" x 55.81" 295 lbs.
Note: The Tong Jack may be capable of providing more force than the rating of the tong being used. Do not exceed maximum working load of tong being used. (tongs sold separately)
Do Not Exceed Maximum Working Load!
Overloading may result in SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH!
Always use a load cell or other calibrated indicating device to monitor the line pull on the tong to avoid overload.
Read Safe Practices & Procedures Manual prior to operation. Do not operate without a manual.
Follow OSHA, NSC, etc. standards, safe practices, & procedures.

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View the PETOL™ TONG JACK in action.

Watch product video

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TJA35 / TJA35T