PETOL™ Run Ticket Box

Run ticket boxes.

The PETOL™ RUN TICKET BOX eliminates the expense of tracking down lost or unreadable run tickets by keeping the tickets safe, clean and dry at a constant location on the well site. The box is constructed from durable polyethylene and has a plastic see through window for run ticket visibility. The RTB1 features a spring loaded hinged lid which helps keep the lid closed during windy conditions. The RTB2 has the clipboard mounted to the lid. This design insures that the clipboard remains with the Run Ticket Box. Each PETOL™ Run Ticket Box contains a clipboard as well as all the components and instructions for easy installation.

Angled mount.
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Horizontal mount.
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PETOL™ Run Ticket Box
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RTB1 Spring Loaded Hinged Lid 1-1/2 lbs.
RTB2 Clipboard Mounted Lid 1-1/2 lbs.