Chain Wrenches

Bukup tongs.

PETOL™ Bukup Tongs

Designed for use with a pipe machine for “bucking up” or “bucking off” tool joints.

Bull tongs.

PETOL™ Bull Tongs

Versatile tools available for making up or breaking out tool and pipe joints in the shop as well as on the drilling rig.

Drill pipe tongs.

PETOL™ Drill Pipe Tongs

Designed for making up and breaking out drill pipe, casing, and pneumatic drills on light rigs.

Friction tongs with chain.

PETOL™ Friction Tongs, Chain Style

For holding and turning pipe that must be carefully protected.

Machine tongs.

PETOL™ Machine Tongs

Provide positive grip in the upward motion and perfect ratcheting in the downward motion.

Stabbing tongs.

PETOL™ Stabbing Tongs

Light, durable tongs used to quickly spin-up pipe or couplings.


PETOL™ Visetongs

Operate best when large makeup torques are required and when heavy loads are needed to breakout tool joints, drill collars, reamers, and similar heavy jobs.