Flange Tools

Flange Lifting Shackle.

PETOL™ Flange Lifting Shackle

Securely attaches with ease to blind or weld neck flanges in installation or removal operations.

Flange lifter.

PETOL™ Flange Lifter

Safe and easy to use method of installing and removing blind and weld neck flanges.

POP-IT tool.

PETOL™ POP-IT™ Flange Spreader & Prying Tool

Easy to use, durable, and deliver an incredible amount of force.

Flange spreader.

PETOL™ Flange Spreader

Designed for safety in separating pipe and ring-type-joint flanges used in refineries, petrochemical, agrichemical and chemical plants, electrical and gas utility stations, pipe lines, oil fields, and various industrial facilities.

Flange aligning tools.

PETOL™ Flange Aligning Tool

Safe, fast, and effective flange alignment.

Flange wrench.

PETOL™ Flange Wrench

Designed specifically for working on threaded flanges from 1" to 12".

Flange Spray Deflector

PETOL™ Flange Spray Deflector

Minimizes the spray produced when a flange set is broken open and allows the operator to direct the spray into a known direction.

Flange key.

TITAN™ Flange Key

Lightweight tool for simple flange separation.