Valve Wheel Wrenches

Titan valve wheel wrench.

PETOL™-TITAN™ Valve Wheel Wrench

Provides leverage on hand operated valve wheels.

Surgrip valve wheel wrench.

PETOL™ SURGRIP™ Valve Wheel Wrench

Durable, ductile iron wrenches; safer and easier to use with a head design providing a better grip when opening stubborn valves.

Refinery wrench.

PETOL™ Refinery Wrench

Combination pipe wrench/valve wheel wrench designed for multiple uses in the refining, petrochemical, and gas processing industries.

'100 Series' aluminum valve wheel wrench.

PETOL™ “100 Series” Aluminum Valve Wheel Wrench

Comfortable rounded gripping area. Made from aluminum-magnesium to reduce the chance of sparks when opening stubborn valves.

Petol valve wheel wrench.

PETOL™ Valve Wheel Wrench

Special spoke grip and more rounded base pad design for a better fit on the valve wheel rim. Made from aluminum-magnesium.

El-mac Valve wheel wrench.

PETOL™ “El-Mac” SURGRIP™ Valve Wheel Wrench

Made from aluminum-magnesium to minimize sparking.

Valve wheel latch wrench.

PETOL™-TITAN™ Valve Wheel Latch Wrench

Special latching mechanism allows the wrench to be placed on and taken off the valve wheel with ease.